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6SAVA, or "6thSense Asset Valorisation Action", is a strategic coordination support action aimed at propelling the mature outcomes of the H2020 project SIXTHSENSE to a wider market. SIXTHSENSE developed an innovative system for monitoring vital parameters of first responders in extreme environments, reaching TRL5. 6SAVA focuses on a streamlined version of SIXTHSENSE to drive the commercialization of mature assets in Republic of Serbia (RS), Croatia (HR), and Bosnia and Herzegovi, leveraging national and regional funding. This initiative empowers core SIXTHSENSE partners to capitalize on their results in the regional context. The project harnesses two distinct assets: 1) An Industry 4.0 Health Monitoring Device ensures employee safety in physically demanding manufacturing jobs, starting from cement, petrochemical, and paper industries. 2) Comprehensive IT Solution for Firefighter Operational Management, with potential for generalisation and application across the civil protection sector.

The primary objective of 6SAVA is to align technology specifications with the national smart specialization strategies (S3) and needs of local industrial actors. It will result in crafting high-quality applications for national/regional funding to support advancing these technologies toward market readiness, and enhancing technology uptake within the targeted regions.

This will be achieved through workshops to engage stakeholders from the industry, national institutions responsible for cohesion policy and funding, and technology innovation drivers (universities and RTO). Additionally 6SAVA will drive knowledge transfer and technological adoption in HR, RS and BA through targeted activities developed by TECNALIA, a leading European innovation center.

6SAVA's ultimate goal is to amplify the impact of SIXTHSENSE innovations, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the region's technological landscape.

Project information
Grant agreement ID: 101159927

EC signature date
29 January 2024
Start date
1 February 2024
End date
31 July 2026
Funded under
Widening participation and spreading excellence

Total cost
€ 1 198 040,00

EU contribution
€ 1 198 040,00

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